How can the Kent Weeks Archives help us with our office space shortage?
You can save space by placing non-current, older records in the Kent M.Weeks Archives rather than piling them on the floor.

Other than saving space, why should we place our records in the Kent M.Weeks Archives?
Every Department/Faculty is an important part of Africa University
life and an important part of its history.
We provide a permanent, secure home for the records of any department/faculty and any affiliate organization that wants to provide their records.

What about electronic records?
We collect every research worth records regardless of format and we do our best to preserve them.

What will you do with our records?
We accession them and send your department/faculty or organization an acknowledgment. Catalogue them and store them in our secure shelves.

If we need to, can we still use our records once they are in the Archives?
Yes. You can use them as since you created them.

Can anyone else use our records?
We apply the necessary terms of access to your Department’s/Faculty’s or organization’s records as would have been arranged between us prior to deposit.
Records intended for public distribution are available to researchers in our reading area.
Access to records not intended for public distribution that are classified as restricted requires: written permission from your section head. You may designate another member of department to authorize access.

How do we transfer our records to the University Archives?
Contact the University Archivist Mr. Maurice Chiwa, Mr. Shepherd K. Machuma and or Mr. Sande S. Tambarare for instructions.

We have more questions. Whom should we contact?
Please contact the Archives staff or visit our blogsite and leave a comment and ask your questions.

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