University Records

The Archives is in the process of collecting University records of permanent historical value regardless of format. These include minutes, correspondence, reports, and publications produced by administrative, academic, and research units in the course of Africa University business.

Historical Collections

The Archives collects published and unpublished materials that document all aspects of the Africa University community, including events, buildings and the physical campus, student life, both academic and extracurricular, lectureships, music, religion, and sports.

The history about the development of the City of Mutare from the Old Umtali site to the new site is captured on pictures and also recorded on print. Plans of the Old Umtali site are found in the Archives collection and also the correspondence between Cecil John Rhodes and Bishop Joseph Crane Hartzell (representing the United Methodist Church) and the subsequent donation of the Old Umtali site by Rhodes to the United Methodist Church are also available for researchers, academics, students and visitors.

Records of the United Methodist Church

The Archives collects records of the history of the United Methodist Church in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole. These include photographs letters and personal dairies of early missionaries like the late Bishop Joseph Crane Hartzell and Dr Samuel Gurney. The development of missionary schools like Mutambara Mission and Nyamuzuwe Mission to mention but just a few makes up part of the UMC collection.

Dissertations, Research Reports and Theses

The Kent M .Weeks Archives intends to collect record copies of dissertations as well as copies of masters theses, undergraduate honours research reports

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